God gave me you for the ups and downs. God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I've lost my way, there are no words here left to say, it's true, God gave me you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stressed to the MAX!

GOOD MORNING! or I guess afternoon now! Figured I'd stop by and give an update before this week really gets going. I know I probably won't have another chance to blog much. Boo, me, and Boo's cousin, Tony got so much accomplished this weekend!!!

Kel and Maddie are on there way too! So that last little task should be able to be marked through tonight! I would say I can't wait to relax but... good ole' James Spann is saying tomorrow may be a severe weather day! What the crap Alabama! My sweet girls will be here!!! The last thing I need right now is a worry weather day!

Dear straight line winds, strong thunderstorms, hail, and mr. tornadoes,
Please do me a favor and just come through t-town peacefully. You have already ruined a day this year that will forever go down in history. I know you love making me stress out. Well trust me, you've accomplished that! Just give me a break! Thanks for being so understanding!
Sincerely, ME!

In other randomness

Did my nails this weekend! I'm not crazy about polish on my fingernails so this is a BIG!
Got the idea from Pinterest. The glitter is really growing on me!

OhAND i've been seeing some CUTE "save the date" ideas lately on pinterest. Hopefully I'll be able to use one in the near future! ha!

Look forward to PICTURE OVERLOAD after thanksgiving! I've had my camera for forever but I guess it's time to learn how to use it!


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