God gave me you for the ups and downs. God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I've lost my way, there are no words here left to say, it's true, God gave me you.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have so much to catch y'all up on! We are just swamped at work! I couldn't miss the opportunity to post on a day that doesn't come every year and to remind myself of all the blessings in my life!

I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'M LOVING... It's my BiRtHdAy MoNtH tomorrow!!!

I'M LOVING... my sweet sweet friends!

I'M LOVING... this cutie pie will be here in 9 days!!!

I'M LOVING... this beautimous Hobo! Did I mention it's almost my birthday month?!?!

I'M LOVING... my heavenly Father & two precious men!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This may be too much...

I hope I don't seem like just a ranting, raveing, whiny, complainer to ya! ha. It's only 10:36 here and I feel overwhelmed, anxious, and not really sure of myself, already!

I wake up on time this morning. I even had time to fix a bowl of cereal and semi-watch an episode of Fresh Prince. I have always been a thinker. Brandt knows if I am sitting anywhere with nothing to do or nothing that interests me, I'll think up the most absurd things. So, this morning, it must have been a commercial break that got me thinking. I looked over to my left and smiled at this amazing man I get to wake up next to every morning. However, as I smiled my mind got to racing at the changes that have been occuring in our lives. I look on facebook daily and I see these pictures of these couples who are so lovey, dovey, and head-over-heels for each other. It just makes me wonder, seriously are they that affectionate and perfect or are they showing off these pictures because there's more than we know going on behind their closed doors?

I have never been in a perfect relationship. I will never be. I can accept that. I can't help but remember the days where Brandt and I couldn't go an hour without hearing one another's voices, would race to jump on each other the moment we were together, always holding hands, taking steps in sync, and just being that couple that makes you wanna barf! ha.

This morning, staring at the most beautiful man I know, it got me thinking, I want to go back to that.

I want to be in a relationship that makes others barf, again!

Why does a relationship have to leave that honeymoon phase? Because you get comfortable and gain a little weight? That's a lame excuse if you ask me! Brandt brings new joy and beauty both physical and emotional to my life everyday. So how did we ever get stuck in this comfy rut?

I know a lot of people are discussing Lent here recently. I'm a Christian but not an every weekend church-goer. We would love to find a church in our area, however, I am ashamed to say this but, it's out of my comfort zone. I am getting there though. This morning, after all my thoughts, I tried to think of a resolution to my excessive pondering. How does a relationship stay in that so-called "honeymoon phase". I do not mean this post in a nieve way either. I am fully aware it is inevitable that relationships have to grow and with growing comes pain, suffering, and struggle. However, I feel like with a little effort from both sides, a relationship could have an everlasting "honeymoon" with small bumps in the road. So, with that said, for my "lent" I am going to strive for a relationship that still has that "spark" and "butterflies" more of the time. I am going to give up my comfortable ways for at least 40 days, hopefully forever. I am going to call just to say "hey, I love you", I'm going to reach over and hold his hand while were watching tv, I'm gonna give big hugs again like we haven't seen each other in days, and I'm just gonna try to be the best supporter and listener, etc.

This post was not meant to be so overly emotional. I want people to know I don't just write on my blog for entertainment purposes only. I'm real! I have real everyday issues with family, friends, Brandt, and even strangers. I want to feel like I can blog in a joking manner on days but also find strength to pour my heart out when needed.

Thanks for listening. I'm off the the Pulmonoligist here soon to see if my pneumonia is all gone. At least my mind is on my relationship and not this awful weather were supposed to get later today! ha

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's on my fridge???

I'm linking up with Miranda over at Aimless Translation for "What's on your fridge?". Such a cute idea!

(courtesy of iphone)

On the front we have our calendar. Remember my OCD??? I have to keep up with appointments. I sound important, huh? HA! I also keep a list of groceries/stuff we need. At the bottom there's my sister's cheerleading pic, a pic of Brandt and Bandit, a reminder for me to order this tornado video from the April 27th tornado here, and a coursage (?) from one of my good friends wedding.

(Starting from top left and going down right to left.)

We have a small blue post-it that my sister made boo and I, my insurance magnet, yummo margarita magnet, picture of Brandt's darling Nanny and Bandit, a football bottle opener magnet, a "save the date" picture of my best friend and her now hubby, picture of boo with his Nanny and his sweet sweet mama, a bible verse I live by, picture of UGA (the doggy) from a football game, pic of sweet boo when he played highschool football, a penguin magnet from one of my siblings field trips, pic of siblings when they were younger, a love magnet, some rando magnet off the phonebook, a support Tuscaloosa magnet from the tornado, a note from my sister, a barely visible pic of a huge turkey I saw driving down the road (so serious!!), and a ruby falls magnet.

Oh yea, and on the door there's pics of my siblings.

Other than that, I'm so excited about my day! Yesterday Boo got a call from an unknown number and didn't really think anything of it. He called it back this morning and it was the number to an opportunity we have been wishing for for over a year now! I want to shout to the world in excitement, however, I am going to limit my expectations because they have been known to let me down! All I can say for now is, I was/am/will always be a believer in prayer and now I am a witness of an answered prayer! I can't wait to see where this journey take my small family. And, I can't wait to share it with YOU! Happy Wednesday pretties!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think I'll take a walk in the sunshine

Of course, I'm a day late... Ooops!

Anywhoo... I'm linking up with Savanah for Phone Photo Fun Mondays!

1.) I love the Hobo's. But... one with my initials is so much better!! Not sure where this came from. I think a page on my facebook.

2.) Or even better... a cross-over with initials :) I love to picture shop!

3.) A scrumptious salad I had from Publix one day for lunch!

4.) Funny picture I got one day.

5.) My boo's dream truck!

6.) Noone ever spells his name right! Can you believe it, toothpaste does!

7.)A Lauren Hobo that was SUCH a good deal! But, sadly, I'm broke! Boo!

8.) A home-made picture frame! I loves it! Now, i just gotta find a pic to go in it!!

AND well... since it's Tuesday, I might as well link up with Savanah again.

I love bling on shoes!! Even though I'm super short, I prefer flats because, I am the clumsiest person ever!!!
I want a cushion-y, lounge-y, cuddle-y couch so bad!! Our couches are super nice, but they're so not lay around on a Sunday couch!
Believe it or not, both of these dresses are bathing suit cover-ups! My big secret! I am a cover-up hog! You can find them super cheap! Pair them with a matching cardigan and some leggings! The most comfy outfit eva!

I gotta remember to take a pic of my fridge so I can link up with the fridgey post! Happy Mondee y'all!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hair Dye... Fail

Have I ever said how much I love my co-workers?? Seriously!!! We are all family here! It is such a blessing enjoying coming to work! I seriously pray that everyone eventually finds a workplace like mine. We are always joking that we seriously need a reality show! It's just 4 women and one male boss! However, you would never expect some of the conversations that go on in here if you just walked into our office! We literally crack each other up every day with our talks about friends, gossip, sex, really anything! No exaggerration there!!! Oh and not to mention the boss got divorced not too long ago and now has his fifty-something-wanna-be-20 girlfriend working here too! Noone seems to like her and it's VERY obvious but she continues to use this as an opportunity to make bossman/boyfriend sorry for her with her crying antics and whiny ways. She just won't leave! Boss-man used to have all his daughters working up here doing small busy jobs but unfortunately fifty-something-wanna-be-20 got chosen over them. Sad day! He knows never to talk to me about that situation because I'm not one to hold back my feeling towards a deadbeat dad! Anyway, if we ever make it on tv, I hope you'll watch us! So far we've got a website, a local channel commercial, and soon to come, we'll actually be ON a billboard. You can see our ghetto site here.

I am not really sure why I just expressed my love for my co-workers, but I guess it's Friday and we're all in good moods today! ha

So, a quick funny story. My co-worker Summer (boss-mans daughter who made the cut to stay and work here :) and I have been talkin about highlighting my hair red for a while. She has all her hair red right now and I loves it! So we decided last night would be the night. I went to Sally's after work. That store is super ghetto! I looked around forever and finally found this small section of "semi-permanent" hair color. The display board showed women all with the same texture of hair as me so I thought I was doing great! I picked out the color red I liked and got a highlighting cap and puller kit and was set. We get all set up at Summer's and she starts pulling sections through the cap which ends up taking like an hour!!! As we're putting the color in, she keeps telling me strange things that keep getting me worried like "this color is like jelly", "this red is different than any shade of red i've used" "I feel like it's not sticking to your hair" etc. etc.! Out of nowhere she starts tugging at my hair. WTF?! She starts laughing and says she just making sure it's not all falling out! So there I sit for 30 minutes waiting for this whatever I just let someone put all over my head dry. We wash it out in the sink and as she's rinsing I'm looking into the sink and see globs of black stuff just washing off. I've seen/known plenty of people to dye their own hair but I was just not familiar with this process! ha. We get it all rinsed and I towel dry it, blow dry it, and straighten it.... You can barely, and I mean BARELY see some reddISH highlights throughout. BOO!

As I was reading the pamphlet that came with the color later on I come across a phrase I wish I had of seen in the first place. In tiny writing it says "This color is designed to work best for coarse or kinky hair".

Yeah, I guess I may be trying again this weekend. Now I'm off to work! Boo! At least it's Friday!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I feel like I haven't shared my life in forever. You know blogging is becoming a big part of your life when people are asking/texting, "Why didn't you blog today?", "Is everything okay?"! Haha, yes I am fine. I have just been a bizeee bizeee bee!

This past weekend was kinda a low key one. I was still trying to rest this illness off...which doesn't seem to be working! Boo! Friday night I came home and went straight to bed. I woke up around 10ish and couldn't go back to sleep. I felt restless and of course the infomercials were not entertaining me either. I checked facebook and low and behold I had forgotten about something AMAZING that was going on that night! So, boo and I packed it up and we made it to...
The Midnight Release Party!!! Yes, I got my own little piece of Edward that night! I went straight home and watched it! Of course it was amazing to me! I just can't wait for Part II to come out now!

Other than that boo worked on the yard a little bit but it was FREEZING outside so that didn't last to long. I ended up finding him and Bandit snuggled up.
How precious are they?

Brandt's daddy recently found a tonka truck in his yard that Brandt and his brother played with when they were younger. It was still coated with mud and all. We decided to give it a make-over this weekend also.
This is what it started at!!

We painted it.
We made new stickers.

 And Voila! I forgot to take a pic with all the stickers and the wheels on it danggit! It was so neat to be a part of something so little but it meant so much and had so much value to Brandt!

So, our Valentine's Day. It was amazing! I don't care what those grouchy anti-vday people say. There is no day you should not want to celebrate just living. period! Plus, a day to celebrate eating candy and chocolate. Umm...hello! I'm there! :) I didn't do much as far as decorating this year. I had one little table centerpiece.

Boo and I exchanged gifts that evening.

Boo's card from Bandit!

Funny story behind this gift... while I was browsing in the store (being the video game illterate girlfriend that I am) I pretended to know exactly what I was looking for but got stumped because there's like 4 editions of that game or something. whatevs. So, this salesman comes up to me and ask if he can help me look for anything. I say no, im just browsing. He literally stands there for a second and then raises his voice to me and says "YOU'RE LYING... you are not browsing, you're looking for something specific and you won't let me help you". I was so taken aback. I was really offended at first but then I tried to play it off and take it as a joke. So I picked up the two items you see in the picture, luckily they were the right ones and mr. rude ass didn't have to tell me what the new war game was. I asked him if in his opinion was that a good Valentine's gift. He says "Well, yes and no. Yes, it's probably exactly what he wants and No, you'll probably never see him again" I said "well, okay then" and walked off! Seriously, if you hate your job... why work there? and why make the customers suffer? ugh But, the most important thing was Boo got exactly what he wanted and I've spent time with him everyday since! So ha, take that sales guy!

For me on the other hand... Boo surprised me like never before! He literally walked up to me to give me a hug out of nowhere and pulled a long thin box out of his back pocket.
OMG. I am in LOVE! It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I've been given. My amazing man had to actually sit there and think about which charms would I like and which ones would mean the most for the occasion! He did perfect. It's sorta like a Pandora but we don't have anywhere that sells them close by so the Kay's brand is almost identical. It'll be special in the long run also 'cause for different occasions it'll be fun to see what other charms he picks out. OHHH I love him :)

Other than that, we didn't really wanna go out to eat 'cause we knew everywhere would be crowded. So we stayed home and had some yummo chicken fried rice! We also watched "Jump the Broom". It reminded me of a Tyler Perry comedy which we LOVE! Madea ones are our favorites but this movie was good also!

What did y'all get or do for Vday?

In other news... I think I forgot to mention it a while back but I finally got my invite to BIRCHBOX!!! Yesterday I received my first one. It was more wonderful than I expected!

It came with Stick-on eyeliner, sample of Viva La Juicy, pink lipgloss, glow and go travel puff (bronzer), show stoppers (tape to prevent mishaps)

I immediately had to try on the eyeliner. Believe it or not, it was super simple, stuck on great, and I liked it. The gloss was amazing! It literally was on my lips for like 3 hours. It wasn't too sticky and the color was a subtle pink gloss.

Woo... I think I am about caught up. For now, I leave you with this...

The stick-on liner and lipgloss!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish I could send all you lovely ladies a dozen beautiful flowers of your choice! But for now, this will have to do :)

I  have to be a little MIA for another day or so and get myself back organized from the weekend! But this is such a special day for couples, I couldn't just not show up!


if you get a chance, check out this youtube video! This is a guy from the same part of Georgia I went to school in that my girlfriends and I used to go watch at the local bar. I am so proud to know someone who has continued to follow their dreams...

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Did y'all miss me??? Awww! Well I'm feeling much better. Still suffering from a slight cough and tired but all is a LOT better! I did end up taking the day off Tuesday and half days Wednesday and yesterday. I seriously needed it! Rest is the BEST! I felt horrible leaving my sweet co-worker's to take up my slack so I made them a little sum sum:

Thank You Pinterest! And thanks to all my sweet lovely blog ladies for checking on me! Blogging has become a huge part of my life. I find myself telling Boo... "wait let me snap a picture for my blog"! ha. Now I'm starting to actually meet several of you and I love it! Meeting new people is amazing!

So a few random notes for now:
  • I have got to do our taxes! Yikes!
  • I have a stack of work as high as the ceiling but I'm trying my best not to stress!
  • Boo and I are seriously growing out of our house! How do two people have SO MUCH STUFF?? I promise we're not hoarders! :)
  • I'll be back on my blog vibe soon and you should be getting daily updates!
  • I cannot wait to go visit home and my darling babies in just one more week!!!
  • I had the most scrumptious cupcake ever the other day! If you're local, it's from Sweets! I have a thing about cake textures. They're not my favorite but with some homemade icing, it was delightful!

Happy Friday Ladies!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Thanks so much to my sweetheart blogger friend, Katie, for giving me a special blog award.

Recipients of this award are asked to:
1. Thank the person that nominated them for the award with a link back to their blog.
2. List 7 things about themselves.
3. Award 15 newly discovered blogs of your own and notify them.

Here are 7 things about ME:
1. Brandt and I met at the beach 6 years ago and my wedding fever gets more intense by the day!!!
2. I have been diagnosed with OCD. Probably the weirdest kind you've ever heard of. I don't do the counting, touching consistently, or anything like that. Mine is strictly with cleaning. For instance, I cannot go to bed if there is anything left in the laundry hamper. All the clothes must be clean.
3. I am not really into outdoors. I can appreciate God's lovely planet, the birds, bees, trees, and the green lucious grass. But, I'd rather enjoy it snuggled up inside. I'm very lucky to have a man who loves ANYTHING outdoors.
4. I am obsessed with pictures. We have pictures literally EVEYWHERE in our house. I love shopping for frames. Right now, I'm into the whole italian vintage chunky frames. I will buy a frame and then I go home and make space for it.
5. I have a slight addiction to earrings. Paticularly earrings from ebay. I currently have 5 tackleboxes FULL of earrings!!! If I'm having a rouch day or just need some cheering up, I usually look to ebay to find me a pair of 99 cent chandelieur earrings! And then I'm back to my chipper self! :)
6. I have learned in the life, the quality of your friends is so much more important than the quantity! I only havea few close friends. We may not talk as much as we should, but I always know who I can count on.
7. My love for the Lord grows stronger and stronger everyday. I was put through a VERY TOUGH situation (another blog, another day) for about two years and I learned to turn to my heavenly Father for everything. Your life is not complete unless he is always a part of it.
Here are my 15 nominees in no particular order (these are not necessarily newly discovered blogs, just blogs I follow & love):
1.) My sweet wittle sissy = Madison
Okay, now ain't that sad! I'm almost positive all my other followers have already been tagged! I shouldn't have procrastinated so long. ha
Anywhoo, sorry for being so MIA lately. My lungs feel like they are starting to heal. I am up moving around. I come to work for several hours in the morning and get as much stuff as I can done. Which is what I should be doing right now ;) I just want to thank all of your for your sweet comments, emails, and even text!!! I would reply to each and every one of them if my computer would let me! I enjoy reading about all your sweet lives on here and can't wait to get back on track with my daily reading and posts! And it's Thursday so we're almost there ladies!!! Hopefully this weekend I'll get back in my groove, get some things done and have some sweet photos to show y'all! Ohhhhh and I'll have a sweet update about my single cousin Tony!
See ya lada lovelies!