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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I feel like I haven't shared my life in forever. You know blogging is becoming a big part of your life when people are asking/texting, "Why didn't you blog today?", "Is everything okay?"! Haha, yes I am fine. I have just been a bizeee bizeee bee!

This past weekend was kinda a low key one. I was still trying to rest this illness off...which doesn't seem to be working! Boo! Friday night I came home and went straight to bed. I woke up around 10ish and couldn't go back to sleep. I felt restless and of course the infomercials were not entertaining me either. I checked facebook and low and behold I had forgotten about something AMAZING that was going on that night! So, boo and I packed it up and we made it to...
The Midnight Release Party!!! Yes, I got my own little piece of Edward that night! I went straight home and watched it! Of course it was amazing to me! I just can't wait for Part II to come out now!

Other than that boo worked on the yard a little bit but it was FREEZING outside so that didn't last to long. I ended up finding him and Bandit snuggled up.
How precious are they?

Brandt's daddy recently found a tonka truck in his yard that Brandt and his brother played with when they were younger. It was still coated with mud and all. We decided to give it a make-over this weekend also.
This is what it started at!!

We painted it.
We made new stickers.

 And Voila! I forgot to take a pic with all the stickers and the wheels on it danggit! It was so neat to be a part of something so little but it meant so much and had so much value to Brandt!

So, our Valentine's Day. It was amazing! I don't care what those grouchy anti-vday people say. There is no day you should not want to celebrate just living. period! Plus, a day to celebrate eating candy and chocolate. Umm...hello! I'm there! :) I didn't do much as far as decorating this year. I had one little table centerpiece.

Boo and I exchanged gifts that evening.

Boo's card from Bandit!

Funny story behind this gift... while I was browsing in the store (being the video game illterate girlfriend that I am) I pretended to know exactly what I was looking for but got stumped because there's like 4 editions of that game or something. whatevs. So, this salesman comes up to me and ask if he can help me look for anything. I say no, im just browsing. He literally stands there for a second and then raises his voice to me and says "YOU'RE LYING... you are not browsing, you're looking for something specific and you won't let me help you". I was so taken aback. I was really offended at first but then I tried to play it off and take it as a joke. So I picked up the two items you see in the picture, luckily they were the right ones and mr. rude ass didn't have to tell me what the new war game was. I asked him if in his opinion was that a good Valentine's gift. He says "Well, yes and no. Yes, it's probably exactly what he wants and No, you'll probably never see him again" I said "well, okay then" and walked off! Seriously, if you hate your job... why work there? and why make the customers suffer? ugh But, the most important thing was Boo got exactly what he wanted and I've spent time with him everyday since! So ha, take that sales guy!

For me on the other hand... Boo surprised me like never before! He literally walked up to me to give me a hug out of nowhere and pulled a long thin box out of his back pocket.
OMG. I am in LOVE! It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I've been given. My amazing man had to actually sit there and think about which charms would I like and which ones would mean the most for the occasion! He did perfect. It's sorta like a Pandora but we don't have anywhere that sells them close by so the Kay's brand is almost identical. It'll be special in the long run also 'cause for different occasions it'll be fun to see what other charms he picks out. OHHH I love him :)

Other than that, we didn't really wanna go out to eat 'cause we knew everywhere would be crowded. So we stayed home and had some yummo chicken fried rice! We also watched "Jump the Broom". It reminded me of a Tyler Perry comedy which we LOVE! Madea ones are our favorites but this movie was good also!

What did y'all get or do for Vday?

In other news... I think I forgot to mention it a while back but I finally got my invite to BIRCHBOX!!! Yesterday I received my first one. It was more wonderful than I expected!

It came with Stick-on eyeliner, sample of Viva La Juicy, pink lipgloss, glow and go travel puff (bronzer), show stoppers (tape to prevent mishaps)

I immediately had to try on the eyeliner. Believe it or not, it was super simple, stuck on great, and I liked it. The gloss was amazing! It literally was on my lips for like 3 hours. It wasn't too sticky and the color was a subtle pink gloss.

Woo... I think I am about caught up. For now, I leave you with this...

The stick-on liner and lipgloss!

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  1. Love breaking dawn! I'm a proud owner too! I can't wait till the next one comes out! Come to Wisconsin when it roes and I will take u to see it ;)


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