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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hair Dye... Fail

Have I ever said how much I love my co-workers?? Seriously!!! We are all family here! It is such a blessing enjoying coming to work! I seriously pray that everyone eventually finds a workplace like mine. We are always joking that we seriously need a reality show! It's just 4 women and one male boss! However, you would never expect some of the conversations that go on in here if you just walked into our office! We literally crack each other up every day with our talks about friends, gossip, sex, really anything! No exaggerration there!!! Oh and not to mention the boss got divorced not too long ago and now has his fifty-something-wanna-be-20 girlfriend working here too! Noone seems to like her and it's VERY obvious but she continues to use this as an opportunity to make bossman/boyfriend sorry for her with her crying antics and whiny ways. She just won't leave! Boss-man used to have all his daughters working up here doing small busy jobs but unfortunately fifty-something-wanna-be-20 got chosen over them. Sad day! He knows never to talk to me about that situation because I'm not one to hold back my feeling towards a deadbeat dad! Anyway, if we ever make it on tv, I hope you'll watch us! So far we've got a website, a local channel commercial, and soon to come, we'll actually be ON a billboard. You can see our ghetto site here.

I am not really sure why I just expressed my love for my co-workers, but I guess it's Friday and we're all in good moods today! ha

So, a quick funny story. My co-worker Summer (boss-mans daughter who made the cut to stay and work here :) and I have been talkin about highlighting my hair red for a while. She has all her hair red right now and I loves it! So we decided last night would be the night. I went to Sally's after work. That store is super ghetto! I looked around forever and finally found this small section of "semi-permanent" hair color. The display board showed women all with the same texture of hair as me so I thought I was doing great! I picked out the color red I liked and got a highlighting cap and puller kit and was set. We get all set up at Summer's and she starts pulling sections through the cap which ends up taking like an hour!!! As we're putting the color in, she keeps telling me strange things that keep getting me worried like "this color is like jelly", "this red is different than any shade of red i've used" "I feel like it's not sticking to your hair" etc. etc.! Out of nowhere she starts tugging at my hair. WTF?! She starts laughing and says she just making sure it's not all falling out! So there I sit for 30 minutes waiting for this whatever I just let someone put all over my head dry. We wash it out in the sink and as she's rinsing I'm looking into the sink and see globs of black stuff just washing off. I've seen/known plenty of people to dye their own hair but I was just not familiar with this process! ha. We get it all rinsed and I towel dry it, blow dry it, and straighten it.... You can barely, and I mean BARELY see some reddISH highlights throughout. BOO!

As I was reading the pamphlet that came with the color later on I come across a phrase I wish I had of seen in the first place. In tiny writing it says "This color is designed to work best for coarse or kinky hair".

Yeah, I guess I may be trying again this weekend. Now I'm off to work! Boo! At least it's Friday!!!


  1. Hope it goes better this weekend! Post a pic if you can! Happy weekend Nikki!

  2. LOL and Maddie said "did Summer do it?"


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