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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Look Back...

Thought I'd scroll down memory lane today and show y'all all my vehicles leading up to my most favoritest EvA!

First, we have the luxurious midnight blue convertible Mustang. As you can see, brace face and all, I was pretty excited to be behind the wheel of my first car with my step-dad and divalicious sista in tow. This all lasted for approximately one week when I figured out my poor five foot body was just not tall enough to see over that huge dashboard. This car was not for me...

Next, we have my old trusty. The Honda whatcha-ma-calit. I drove this baby mostly through highschool. It wasn't exactly the car any normal teenager would want to "show-off" which is why this is THE only pic I could find of it! ha. And the story behind this pic... my mom will NOT let me live down. My beautiful bestest friend, Lauren (see below), and I were literally stopped at a red light late one night and a deer came running out of nowhere, hit the side of my NOT MOVING vehicle, cracked the light, and then kept running. I promise, promise, promise we were sitting still at the stoplight. My mom just doesn't believe it! O well, me and Lauren, being the coolest girls in highschool (DUH!) decided to decorate the cracked light with some lovely peppers.

Next, we have Prissy. Prissy kept my life sane during my crazy adolescent years. I was in love with my Prissy! Althought there were times when I should have treated her a little nicer and not have left her out in the freezing rain with the top down. But I learned my lesson the next day as I scooped gallon after gallon of water out of her bottom and had to endure the worse mildew smell for weeks. She kept me and my girls safe and there are PLENTY, I mean LOADS, of stories that involve Prissy. She will go down as a monument. I hated to have to sell her. Unfortunately, Boo came into my life and Prissy just couldn't give me everything Boo could. No worries though, at some point, a Prissy 2 will make a debut!

Next, my trusty rusty Camry. She was totally there for me when gas prices hit the roof. I just couldn't afford the $100 plus trips from Georgia to Alabama every weekend to see my Boo. Little did I know, the Camry was there waiting for me already in my drive way to see me through my hard times. She was a hand-me-down from my step-dad! She was a trooper. Now that I sit here and think about it, she took me on numerous vacations including one to the mountains where we got snowed in and her poor skid plate couldnt take it going down those steep mountains so it was gone like a freight train left behind. She is now peacefully in car heaven with all her friends!

And now to my most favorite of them all. The one I have been dreaming of... I haven't decided what I will call her yet. Of course it's a girl. She is just so feminine, comfy, and smells so sweet. Any suggestions?
I've been too busy driving her that I haven't taken any pics of her inside! She's fully equipped with sunroof, cloth seats (my preference), power everything, more cupholders than I know how to fill, buttons on the steering wheel, everything! Oh and Boo's fav, the stereo system is some kind of upgrade. whatever. haha I just love her to pieces!

I'm off to get some work done!
Happy Humpty Dumpty Day!


  1. Yeah cup holders in the door is sweet! Yet, I forget they are there!! I have leather seats, but would rather have cloth..oh well.. I don't have a name for mine yet either. Haven't decided on whether to go with the F or R for the name. We usually pick a name that starts with the first letter of the car. My last car was an Impala, so I went with Iggy. LOL

  2. Nikki Mikki name her Charlie!!LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!luv u!!


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