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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think I'll take a walk in the sunshine

Of course, I'm a day late... Ooops!

Anywhoo... I'm linking up with Savanah for Phone Photo Fun Mondays!

1.) I love the Hobo's. But... one with my initials is so much better!! Not sure where this came from. I think a page on my facebook.

2.) Or even better... a cross-over with initials :) I love to picture shop!

3.) A scrumptious salad I had from Publix one day for lunch!

4.) Funny picture I got one day.

5.) My boo's dream truck!

6.) Noone ever spells his name right! Can you believe it, toothpaste does!

7.)A Lauren Hobo that was SUCH a good deal! But, sadly, I'm broke! Boo!

8.) A home-made picture frame! I loves it! Now, i just gotta find a pic to go in it!!

AND well... since it's Tuesday, I might as well link up with Savanah again.

I love bling on shoes!! Even though I'm super short, I prefer flats because, I am the clumsiest person ever!!!
I want a cushion-y, lounge-y, cuddle-y couch so bad!! Our couches are super nice, but they're so not lay around on a Sunday couch!
Believe it or not, both of these dresses are bathing suit cover-ups! My big secret! I am a cover-up hog! You can find them super cheap! Pair them with a matching cardigan and some leggings! The most comfy outfit eva!

I gotta remember to take a pic of my fridge so I can link up with the fridgey post! Happy Mondee y'all!


  1. Love the dresses! Even if they are wraps! Brent and I are looking for a sectional like that!

  2. Love all your pics! That monogrammed bag at the top is so cute!!


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