God gave me you for the ups and downs. God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I've lost my way, there are no words here left to say, it's true, God gave me you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awesomely Horrible

So, I hope this post turns out okay because I'm posting via blogger app for iPhone.

I have so much to share and we don't have Internet at the house (we seriously live WAY out in the boonies) and work has been absolutely crazy and exhausting so cell blogging it is...

First... Boo got a HUGE surprise last night! After a year of searching he's HIRED! Wooo hoooooooo! His cousin Tony is a locksmith and was able to get Brandt a job where he works. We're still hoping he gets the longterm job were soooooo close to getting, but this is a wonderful opportunity for him to gain new experiences, knowledge, and people skills! Bless his heart, he's always done "men jobs" and if you stuck him in a retail position, he would be clueless! He's a sweetheart and has trouble telling people "no", so I'm happy he will learn how to communicate with other in a business atmosphere! Not to mention, it's always nice knowing someone who can help you if you lock yourself out! ;)

On the other hand... my job has not only put a HUGE boulder on my shoulders, but has also really worn out my heart lately! A little background: I've been with the same firm for over 5 years now and it's a tiny office so were all very close and it really feels or FELT like family there! I used to look forward everyday to go to work. Then came along... Jane (name changed to protect privacy and so noone gets offended for being nosey). Jane has ripped our office apart! We recently lost our receptionist because the sweet woman's social life was just too much for her so she just needed a break to go away and get help. This left me and two other girls to do our normal 40 hours/week work PLUS divide the receptionists job between us! We have been literally working our ASSES off!!! I never thought I'd say this, but I would so trade places with a stay-at-home wife/mother right now!!! So... Jane see how hard we work and because shes in a privileged position ("50-something-wanna-be-20", remember her?!?) she doesn't even see the decency of just being a kind individual to help us. The bottom line, my girlfriends and I go to work everyday now walking on pins and needles because if anything we say is even remotely insinuating Jane whatsoever, we get scolded! This is an EVERYDAY occurrence! I don't want this to turn into a gossip story so I'll stop there. It's been on my mind a LOT and I'm emotional about it because, like I said, it's like family! I've been praying tons lately about the situation and hopefully Jane and her poor attitude will eventually get better.

I've missed reading your blogs everyday! I can't wait until work calms down or AT&T would recognize that people live in the country and offer some uverse! Ha! Next week I have my sweet baby sis coming for spring break! I just don't know what to so with myself! I'll have spent a weeks worth with both my sisters in a month's time!!! I've learned recently there's noone who can take place of your family (close friends included too) and theres noone who will be there for you like they will so why put anyone else (aside from The Big Man) in front of them????

Happy Tuesday Pretties!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Okay Thursday!

I'm linking up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Okay Thursday! I need this today...

It's OKAY... to have not washed my hair since Tuesday. Hey... it's rainy outside and I would have wasted 20 precious beauty sleep minutes blow drying and straightening.

It's OKAY... that my house is a wreck right now. I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation last week!

It's OKAY... that my taxes aren't done. I'm single with no dependents. I'll say no more.

It's OKAY... that I browse Zulily everyday! A girl can dream...

It's OKAY... Boo and I are loving some Oreo Birthday Cake cookies! We may have eaten a whole box in a week span.

It's OKAY... that said box of Oreos is gone... now I can start my diet.

Speaking of diet... I went to my mom's family doc last week. For the locals, Dr. Priya at the Windermere Clinic is A-MAZE-ing!!! I was overwhelmed with emotion at the time she took with me explaining everything and taking x-rays and just going out of her way to listen to me about how my back hurts! She even gave me a hug! Have y'all every met a doc who was that kind?!?! So... we came to the conclusion that the space between my muscles and the disks in my back is getting pretty slim due to my weight gain! So i'm starting a diet... Saturday! Y'all are my motivation! Since this sweet doc is unfrotunately 4 hours away, I can only do my weigh-in check-ups once a month. So i'll try my best to keep y'all updated weekly! Please wish me luck!

Happy Thursday loves!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A quarter of a century old...

I turned 25 on March 7th. My mom had a small get together for me on Saturday.
 There is nothing like "mom's cookin'"! My mom happens to be from the Philippines so her cooking is extra good! I forgot to get a pic of all the authentic Filipino food.

 I was even special enough to get the chocolate fountain!!! My mom, bless her heart, wasn't able to enjoy it because she gave up chocolate and soda for lent.

I am not a big cake eater so mom made me a cookie cake. Brandt and I love double-doozies from the cookie shop in the mall but I do have to say, mom's was better!!!

The middle icing was green to incorporate St. Patty's Day!!!

 I got the best surprise when my bestest friend, Emily, showed up! I love surprises!

 My sweet mommy and I.

Of course, I loved having my favorite man there to celebrate with me :)

It's been toooooo long...

So sorry I've been MIA lately! With my birthday and then spring break week, I've been one busy lady!

My birthday was a blast! I felt so blessed with all the texts, messages, cards, and the bundles of love I received! Not to mention, the surprises I got!!! :) Thank you mommy!

This week was Spring Break for University of Alabama and since we don't get many days off work during the rest of the year, we usually try to take advantage of this week and all the girls at work try to stagger the days so we all get 3 days off! It worked out great because my sister, Kellen, came in town last Friday! It'll be nice when she's here for college so I'll have someone I feel comfortable calling up ANY TIME and vent to!

The weather lately has been A-MAZE-ING! My sweet booger bear has been loving all the attention and play time he's been getting!!!

Kellen and I did a Pinterest project this week.
We took a wooden cross and glued rocks to it with E6000.

My palette is filling up quick!

We witnessed a crazy "freak accident" at work! Me and a co-worker's cars were parked around the building I work at and this poor girl lost control of her car and ran straight into my co-workers car!

The car literally missed my vehicle by a foot! SEE!!! I couldn't believe how lucky I was!!! (Mine is the silver one)

Oh Wednesday I went home to my parent's and enjoyed lots of family time! I love having sister's to enjoy girl time with! They've both been practicing different types of braids so I let them practice on me!
Kel's fishtail. Love it!

Maddie's turn. I have a weakness for having my hair played with. I just love it!

Kel has a new found love for Pinterest and she found the cutest nail design called "waterfall". We tried it out while she was here.
I chose 3 different shades of pink! of course! It so simple too. All you do is paint the first layer and then sponge each additional layer.

Kel picked a grey, teal, and purple/maroon. They all coordinated well.

I know this post is all over the place. I'm playing catch up and realizing as I go that I have had so much fun this past week that I want to remember! I also have my Birthday party pics to post! So be on the look out for those!! Missed you ladies and your blogs! I'll have to play catch up on your posts this week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to....


Yes, today is MY big day. I'm a quarter of a century old people! I kinda got down last night about it. I'm really on my way to 30 now and several years ago I figured that by this time I would be married with a couple babays on my hips. Boo. But I know He has a plan for me and apparently that wasn't it! ha. Anywhoo... I've had a great day so far other than "boss-man's-OLD-wanna-be-20-sumthin-girlfriend" going with us to MY birthday dinner! I'm so excited to get off work and spend my birthday with my boo!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday

I'm linking up with Ashlee & Savanah for Phone Photo Fun Monday!

I've been takin screenshots of songs on Pandora lately that I wanna remember!

I seriously have like 50+ songs i've saved up! I love me some country guys! :)

How cute are these two??

This weekend was so pretty! Booger got lots of play time!!

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!