God gave me you for the ups and downs. God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I've lost my way, there are no words here left to say, it's true, God gave me you.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Today is a very special day, dear to my heart, for two very special reasons!

First, it's Brandt's birthday!!!
My sweet Brandtey! You are seriously the most handsome man I've ever met.

Even in your country attire... irrisistable :)

You're sense of humor had me from the beginning! You are the funniest person I know.

You have an amazing heart. That is what I fell in love with.

You are the best daddy to booger bear! He loves you so much!

You still give me butterflies!

(My most favoritest pic of us ever!!!)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you forever and ever!

Secondly, today marks the one year anniversary of a devistation I hope to never witness again. I will never forget the early morning of Brandt's 24th birthday. I am a big scaredy cat when it comes to bad weather. We had been warned during the week prior that there was some bad weather headed our way but as most people thought, "It'll miss us". So there we were in bed around 5:30am, boo still asleep but hardly with the blaring background noise of the NOAA radio and the TV blaring. I had been up for several hours just making sure like I always did. Only a few short minutes later, James Spann was up on air (for the locals, he had his coat off... so you know somethings going on) and he was warning an area just several miles south of us that a tornado was on the ground. Before I could even react, the power went out. I grabbed Brandt and we huddled right outside our bedroom door in a small hallway. The sound to me was not that of a freight train but more of a huge tumbling boulder falling through a waterfall. All my feared body knew to do was scream. Brandt's reaction to my fear was so heroic. I was, and am still, so thankful he was by my side. He held me and began to hum very loudly in my ear to try and overpower the roars of the winds, debris, and everything else. He assured me that we would be okay. Our lives were within God's hands...he kept us safe.

Before you scroll any further... I just want to add a small disclaimer. I in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM mean any offense to ANYONE by these pics. This was a time in history that I hope I never have to go through again. Also, this is Brandt's home town. He was born and raised here. It was important to us that we remember this time and have those memories to help us be thankful for our lives and futures.

The following two pics are from my way to work on April 28th. The town of Tuscaloosa was devasted. The town came together like I've never seen. It was a surreal scene for months after.

My heart is still in pain for those affected. But our God is an awesome God. And even in this storm, we praise Him. God Bless Tuscaloosa and all the other places that were hit on April 27th, 2011.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! I totally need this post today with the boulders that have been on my shoulders lately...

I'm LOVING... my sweet co-workers! These girls seriously help me get through everyday! We have so much fun together even if we dread coming to work these days!

I'm LOVING...that I get to go home this weekend!!!

I'm LOVING...that it's hump day! Less than half the week left until the weekend!

I'm LOVING...scriptures that help me get through the day!

I'm LOVING...that I found my current ringtone! It's a sentimental song to Brandt and I while we were still doing the long distance relationship!

and lastly I'm sweetheart and my Savior!

 Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Up to date...

Wow I have been such a lame blogger! Sorry for the MIA-ness! Work is going at lighting speed still with drama out of this world giving this poor girl not a moment to breathe! Brandt's also learning that locksmith is not really his par-tay. Or maybe it's the 20+ hours of overtime every week that he doesn't get paid for? Anywho, life has been busy!

I have lots to share and figured I would do it through Iphone pics...

Baby sissy, Maddie came for her spring break. We had a blast!
I saw my first 3D movie, The Lorax! So cute... even boo went and enjoyed it!

We had to go to Sweets! Maddie got cookies and cream and I got a cadbury egg!

I should know better by now than to leave my phone with this crazy girl!

We have a new frozen yogurt place in town, Sweet CeCe's. It was SO yummy. For some reason I didn't like having to pay for it by it's weight. Seriously?! I already felt guilty walking in! HA

 We did nails galore! We even scored big time and got all these Sally Hansen salon effects on eBay for $20!!! If you haven't tried these, go buy them now! They are SUPER EASY to apply and they last literally for a month! No exaggeration there!!!

Boo's uncle's girlfriend... or our neighbor lol, found this salamander while planting flowers. It scared her to death; we heard her scream at our house when she saw him!

I saw these on Groupon one day and thought they were very interesting! They're supposed to be these spandex-like shorts that you can wear and they help you shed pounds. The testimonials threw me off a little because people were saying they wore them to bed and the next morning they were down two sizes. Have you heard of such???

Boo found this jeep just browsing through the classifieds...this summer weather is giving me Jeepey fever! We miss mine!

I love the incentitives of a debit card! Granted, this is from 5 years of using mine, but still, I'll take it!

I was tryng to order me a replacement Social Security card and found it a little strange that the website had this link....

My March Birchbox. I have been telling E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E about Birchbox! I'm a lover of new products but my wallet is not. Ha This is the best of both worlds! Plus, I've found that several items I won't be using, I can just throw together for a little gift if an enexpected event comes up.

Friday night, Boo and I went out with a friend from work. I cannot even tell you in words how much this drink was needed! I actually ordered a margarita but it came out smooth like a daquiri, even better!!!

I found a stress-relieving facial mask. It did nothing about stress, just made my face dry, a little itchy, and... I don't think I'll every do that again! ha

My mom is a hoot! I love her!

I have had a SERIOUS case of baby fever lately! Like even when I'm in a store, I find myself looking at baby clothes, shoes, furniture, everything! I came across this cute little boy (right) while browsing a baby boutique and was amazed at how much he looked like that cute wittle chubbers on the left. Can you guess who??? I probably shouldnt compare myself to a boy but I don't care. I hope my baby is as cute!

But for now, this little man is our only baby! And spoiled as one too!

Happy Tuesday ladies!