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Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's been toooooo long...

So sorry I've been MIA lately! With my birthday and then spring break week, I've been one busy lady!

My birthday was a blast! I felt so blessed with all the texts, messages, cards, and the bundles of love I received! Not to mention, the surprises I got!!! :) Thank you mommy!

This week was Spring Break for University of Alabama and since we don't get many days off work during the rest of the year, we usually try to take advantage of this week and all the girls at work try to stagger the days so we all get 3 days off! It worked out great because my sister, Kellen, came in town last Friday! It'll be nice when she's here for college so I'll have someone I feel comfortable calling up ANY TIME and vent to!

The weather lately has been A-MAZE-ING! My sweet booger bear has been loving all the attention and play time he's been getting!!!

Kellen and I did a Pinterest project this week.
We took a wooden cross and glued rocks to it with E6000.

My palette is filling up quick!

We witnessed a crazy "freak accident" at work! Me and a co-worker's cars were parked around the building I work at and this poor girl lost control of her car and ran straight into my co-workers car!

The car literally missed my vehicle by a foot! SEE!!! I couldn't believe how lucky I was!!! (Mine is the silver one)

Oh Wednesday I went home to my parent's and enjoyed lots of family time! I love having sister's to enjoy girl time with! They've both been practicing different types of braids so I let them practice on me!
Kel's fishtail. Love it!

Maddie's turn. I have a weakness for having my hair played with. I just love it!

Kel has a new found love for Pinterest and she found the cutest nail design called "waterfall". We tried it out while she was here.
I chose 3 different shades of pink! of course! It so simple too. All you do is paint the first layer and then sponge each additional layer.

Kel picked a grey, teal, and purple/maroon. They all coordinated well.

I know this post is all over the place. I'm playing catch up and realizing as I go that I have had so much fun this past week that I want to remember! I also have my Birthday party pics to post! So be on the look out for those!! Missed you ladies and your blogs! I'll have to play catch up on your posts this week!

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