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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Allergies, Asthma, & Buckeyes Oh My!

So I headed to the asthma doc this am... In the pouring rain!!! My wheezing was so bad this morning and I was in such a rush that I flew out of the house wheezing and well I guess very prepared for the specialist I was about to see! Ha so they take me back and I have to do this Pulmonary breathing test that consists of breathing into a small chamber that's connected to a computer and the goal is to blow out ten candles! I'm telling you they had to be freakin' trick candles cause' I was struggling! The first time I scored a 26! The normal is 80!!! Ahh. So I go in... wait another like 20 min for the doc... And he comes in to tell me he thinks I have "triggered asthma". This means that since it hasn't been consistent my whole life that something in the last year must have made it flare back up. He starts asking me all kinds of questions. What does it matter what brand of ceiling fan we own or at what degree does my office face??? And who knows that? Haha he asks me I there is anything I was allergic to as a child that I've recently been exposed to excessively? And then it comes to me: CATS!!! Ohh I hate cats! Our neighbor has cats that roam. I've seen them on several occasions at our house. Surely that wouldn't cause an allergic flare up. My boss' daughters have cats and I've seen some cat hair on their shirts at work before. But that puts me in tough spot because how do you tell your neighbor or your co-worker that they're causing your asthma attacks!? I'll let you know how that works out! I have to go back soon to get an allergy test where they put all these sticky thingies on you to determine what make have an allergic reaction.

Have y'all seen the preview for the new Adam Sandler movie, Jack and Jill?? Boo loves loves loves Adam Sandler movies! This one looks hilarious!

Oh yeah boo brought home a "buckeye" yesterday that he said was the biggest he's ever seen. I've never even heard of them but his paw paw says they give ya good luck! If that's the case, we need a bunch!!!

Have you ever seen one?

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