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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Other than my daily Zulily stop, I've become obsessed with Pinterest! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to imagine dressing up my little kiddies in the mornings! Today is no exception!
 How cute is this toile outfit????

Or how about this hat, skirt, and boot with a little white sweater and leggings???
And because it's raining here today, how cute are these precious booties?!?!

HA! I will be one of those "fru fru" moms! ANYWHOO.... so Pinterest! It has become my new obsession! Instead of google... I pinterest!

For example... my latest searches:
a. Easy thanksgiving recipes

b. Hunting Themed Bedroom
(Our spare bedroom is slowly but surely taking on this look.)

c. I stumbled upon this purty thing...
I decided I would make my own.
We got us a nice palette.
Boo painted it with this texture paint and hung it up! The lighting being off and me not knowing how to use the camera lol = not such a great pic!

Don't know what is with the lighting! Promise our walls are not pink! ha

and VOILA! I still have to find more frames and pics to put in those frames. These are just temporary! But I love how it turned out! My sweet man is so handy!

d. Happy Tuesday wishes:


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