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Friday, November 4, 2011

Only 50 Days 15 Hours left!!!


which reminded me... I have got to get on it with my cards! Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts about the holidays! I love receiving them and then looking at each a million times while they're on display at home.

The past several years, we've used Shutterfly for making our cards. We've never been dissapointed! This year is no exception. I've been browsing their selection and it's so hard to choose from!

I love this one.
 Although we don't have three children to put at the top, i'm sure everyone will love three pics of our sweet Booger Bear! :)

I love this one too. It's simple yet so sweet! And I love how the snowflakes carry on up the bottom!

Ohh and then there are these two:

 It's important to me to remeber what the season is truly about. I love them!

Here's a couple more I've been eyeing! Okay, really they're all awesome!!!

Click on any of the pics or the word "Shutterfly" and it should take you directly to the website!

I've got a decision on my hands. But ordering with Shutterfly I know whatever I choose I will be more than happy with the quality. So if you want a Christmas card email me your address but the deal is, I have to receive one too!

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