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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like....


The Christmas Village. This is Brandt's favorite! It's a reminder of his childhood. Most of the houses were passed down from his Nanny so they are very dear to him. I love how it looks lit up at night!

Brandt's bama room tree. Even though I hardly visit his man cave, I didn't want to leave it out when it came to Christmas!

Our special tree. I put all my personal ornaments that I've accumulated over the years here. Every ornament is dear to me whether it was a gift or one that boo and I picked up on a vacay.
(first Christmas in our own home)
The main tree. I went with red and gold this year. I got a little funky with the top. Boo even went to Kirkland's with me to help get the topper out of a display tree. Super chic and unique. I love it!

Hope you didn't mind the pic overload! My palette project is complete too, but I'll save that for tomorrow! Happy Manic Monday!

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