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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday... NOOO!

Whew! It was a fast paced holiday but it was beautiful! I am so thankful to have such a loving family who will travel 4+ hours to come visit Boo and I!!! Although it went super fast, we had so much fun! I cooked my booty off! The kiddos rode 4-wheelers! We roasted s'mores. We cooked, cooked, and cooked some more, Alabama beat Auburn, and we laughed!!! Now it's back to reality and guess what, I go to the doc this morning and am informed that I rescheduled my appointment & i forgot my camera at home! (I upload my pics at work because we live in the boonies and the only internet service offered is dial-up. No thanks!)

BOO! So, i'll leave ya with what i got from my phone.

I think I forgot to show y'all this lovely item! My erin condren! I love it so much, I haven't written in it yet! I don't want to mess it up. And it may still be in the bubble wrap shown!

Kel, Maddie, and I had Sweets cupcakes one day at work! I check for their website and it's still "under construction". They are delicious! And I seriously don't like cake texture but these are amazing!!! The elephant one is red velvet, the peanut butter cup is obviously peanut butter with a peanut butter goulash(?) on top, and the other is cookies and creams!

I tried all weekend to win an amazing deal on like this one ... unsuccessfully! BOOO! I'm just not quick enough!!!

Maddie took a photoshoot on my phone. This is only the beginning! There are literally about a hundred poses! ha! Good thing I love her to pieces!

Kel totally went to Publix with Brandt's big ole' boots on!!! She is a hoot! On the way home, she serenaded us and danced for us! I love fun girl rides! I took a video where we were all CRACKIN UP!! She probably would NOT give me permission to post it! ha

I had to get in some "baby fever" time! Found this on a facebook page as I was browsing. Love ruffled rose! I'm tellin ya, I hope my babays don't give me too much grief when they get older and see pics! ha!!!

We went to Woods & Water (a local hunting, clothing, etc. store) and watched the fishies. Kel is planning on going to Alabama next fall so she wanted to look for some collegewear.

 They have a cute new line called "Tuskwear Collection". The designs are simple but sooooo comfy! The long sleeves are long enough to wear with leggings! Leggings have become my new fav!

Meet my sweet baby brudder, Landon! This precious child is a COMEDIAN!!! Practically everything that come out of his mouth is hilarious! Lemme give you a few quotes from him:

a. One of the kiddos are acting up. My mom disciplines them. Landon's response: "Ohhhh you just got served"!!!!
We're sitting around the bonfire and Brandt's uncle's fiance's weeny dog walks up. Gator (weeny) dog proceeds to sniff like all dogs do. Landon starts playing with him as he continues to sniff. There a moment of silence and Landon announces "Hey Dad, why is the dog sniffing my penis?"!!! OMG We we're rolling!!!
c. This is not a story from this weekend but, he's kinda been a little trouble maker at school. A while back, my mom calls and tells me that Landon got on red light... then she sends me this pic that shows the reason:

And lastly, Maddie gave me a feather! I'm lovin the pink!!! It IS my signature color! :) She also put in a neon green one but it doesn't look to "sick" (as boo would say) as the pink so I'll save that for another day!

OHHH and lookie what ole' James Spann is giving us for tomorrow!

SNOWW!!!! And YES we are in the "dusting in on grassy areas"! Wooo hoo!! Maybe a snow day tomorrow???? Come on snow! Just no power probs!

Merry MONDEEE!!!

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