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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's in my bag?

I've seen a bunch of ladies do the purse post so I figured I'd join in! Plus, how much fun is it to be nosey rosey!

Here's my Mary Poppins bag! I seriously have everything in here! I'm OCD! If I'm missing anything, I will freak out!

1. A misc. bag full of hair products, lotions, and much more!
2. My make-up bag.
3. Where you find no dough! haha
4. Huge foldable mirror.
5. Leetle camera for those crazy moments!
6. My asthma has been crazy lately! This is my angel! My inhaler.
7. My notary seal.
8.Auto accident paperwork. I'm ready to be done with it so I don't have to carry these papers around anymore.
9. Three pack of gum. Every now and then I have to see a client at work and I'm sure they don't wanna be smellin' my taco bell after lunch raunchyness!
10. I know it's hard to see in the pic, but this is my favoritest medicine in the world! Vics vapor nose inhaler. I'm addicted.
11. Vicky Secret's plain jane lip gloss. Love it!
12. Last but not most important key chain. It opens our mailbox, my storage drawers at work, safes at my house, and a few other things but I can't think of them right now.

 My misc. bag.
1. Tampon case. Gotta be discreet!
2. Remember Mary Kay? Does anyone even sell that stuff anymore? Well I still use the satin lips first step stuff. It's like a lip exfoliator. It feels like sand on your lips but after about 2 minutes, you scrub it off, top with a little vaseline or lip balm of your choice and your lips feel like bliss!
3. Deodorant. You just never know, right?
4. Greatest invention of all time. Dry Shampoo. Get up late? No problem! Spray a little on your roots and just poof your hair up, you'll be good to go!
5. Lysol wipes and Germ-x.
6. Random, but eyelash curler.
7. Lip gloss of choice, Vaseline.
8. All my scripts and some advil liquid gels! They work the best for me!
9. Another small tube of vaseline. That stuff is a-maze-ing!
10. Oil dabber sheet thingamabobers.
11. Wisp. Like the gum, ya just never know who you may run into!
12. Clear eyes, dry eyes. Did y'all just think of that old nasely nerdo on the commercials? haha. Visine, cause my eyes have a tendency to get red in the evenings.
13. Some awesome scrub lotion from Cracker Barrell. I always forget about the little store when you first walk in the restaraunt. They have the neastest stuff!

My make-up bag.

Well that's everything. I guess you can tell now why my back hurts! ha

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. I have the same bag from VS that holds all your misc hair stuff! :)

  2. Wow! I am amazed at how organized your purse is! I have things thrown in there & stuff that doesn't belong! I feel your pain about having pain carrying it! My shoulder usually hurts after a shopping trip. I'm gonna have to try to get my bag somewhat organized! :)


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