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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I feel so accomplished this morning! I've gotten so much done!

  • First, my insurance agency called this AM. She had new notes that the body shop my car was at here locally said my car was totalled. Now all we wait on it for it to get transported to Texas (where the main office is??) and have the adjuster look at it and give me some figures! We've got our eyes on a particular vehicle so I'm crossing my fingers he will hurry!!!

  • Secondly, I scheduled a dentist appointment and my yearly. TMI? sorry! I dread these two places so I've been procrastinating for a bit! However, my dentist is pretty easy on the eyes...
(haha, this is not him, but they do kinda resemble!!!)

  • Third, my back has been killing me for some time now! Seriously, I think it's my boobays are just too big! Thanks mom! Everytime I go to one of the "urgent care" facilities they treat me seriously like I'm just looking for an excuse for pain pills! So I've set myself up with an actually family care doc and maybe he can either do something for me or refer me to a specialist! Also, my mom is forcing Boo to go to the doc to make sure nothing is wrong with him since he fell asleep driving! That really has been on my mind a lot since the wreck. Hopefully the family doc I go see is everything we're hoping to find and sorry Boo, but you're next!!!

Other than that, this morning my rental car had a suspicious light come on. I am SCARED TO DEATH of auto mechanical problems. I am "one of those girls". Boo has taught me how to check the oil... still no clue. I've watched him check the air in tires...yep, no idea. I know how to put more gas in, crank the engine, put a cd in, put in in park, drive, and reverse...that's about it!
So here's me... scared... I pull over, grab the manuel, and find what the crap this sign means. It ended up being my tire pressure. I called Boo, frantic of course, and he explains to me that it could be from the weather or one of the tires may just be barely off anf it would still do that. Sooooo hmmm we shall see...haha

Happy Thursday!!! One more work day y'all! Woo hoo!

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