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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hair & Cars

I don't know what's up with this Alabama weather but we have been getting one nice sunny day and then about a week's worth of gloomy rainy, windy, and cold days! It's made me tired in the mornings! I decided to give this coffee energy drink a try today...
Yeah, probably as your suspected, I feel no different. Ha! No energy here! But, it did have a good flavor!

So Brandt and I went on our first car shopping experience ever last night! It went better than I expected. I know it's gonna be hard to find exactly what I want with my frugal-ness. Believe it or not, this is my dream car...
I love Jeeps. I had one several years back but had to sell it because Boo and I were still doin the long distance relationship and gas was just killin' me!
Yep, there's me in my "Prissy".

We went and looked at Jeeps anyways last night and made the decision that one is just not practical for us. We do a lot of traveling with my family in a different state. We normally take two or more vacations out of state per year. Also, a new car loan could be for five years and who knows how large our family may be by then! That was the most important factor to me. We need something realistic and able to adapt to a growing family. So we've settled on...
Wish us luck! They're hard to find. So I'm hoping that's a sign that they're good vehicles!

Oh yeah, funny story! The other night Boo was looking for something to drink and unfortunately soda has not made it in our house lately. Of course, water is not an option for him. haha. So he decides he's gonna make some sweet tea. I guess I've been slacking with having drinks, period. Oops. So I let him go about making it, and being a man I know he most likely will not ask for help. He gets it all set up and I go take a look at his progress...
He had all the tea bags tied together just dangling from the pot literally touching the eye. He ran over to move them before I could snap a picture. I couldn't help but get tickled. I had to teach him that the reason for the preforated (?) edges on the tea bags is so you can remove the bag and just leave the tiny paper square. He is so funny.

Regarding the "hair" in the title... I have medium to long hair, and I'm just not one to really do "up-do's" or different styles with it. I usually part it to the side and straighten it everyday. BOR-RING! So I found this video on youtube and it gave me a little inspiration so I figured I'd share!

Well I'm off to work! Happy Tuesday!


  1. O Charlier and u said cars and hair!Where is the hair?????Luv u guys call u l8r!!

  2. Ah a 4-runner! That's the type of vehicle I have! And I LOVE IT!!! So roomy & the ride is smooth! You'll love it!! :)

  3. Hope you can find your new vehicle! My husband and I just got a Chevy Tahoe and I love it! (Though I don't love paying for the gas) Guys are funny ;) (Newest follower of you ;)


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