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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chrimmus (Part 1)

The days leading up to Christmas and here lately have been nothing short of FULL! It has been a great ending to 2011. We are currently still in Georgia with my parents. I'm LOVING being home! I miss my babies so much!! And lately, my mom has been my shoulder to lean on so it's gonna be tough leaving... boo! But... I miss my quiet, organized house and my sweet Bandit boo! :)

Before we left, we had Christmas with Brandt's family. I'm loving tunics with leggings lately. They're soooo comfy! I actually found this plaid nightgown at Old Navy!!! HA! It was so comfy!

Here's boo and his Nanny! Can you believe that?? She is the sweetest lady! And not to mention... beautiful which is obviously where his momma gets it from!

We left for my parents on Friday before Christmas. On Christmas Eve my parents needed a break from the babies so Boo and I took them to the Lake Lanier Lights.
Had to get one of the Tide Rollin thru! :)

Spongebob is Landon's fav!


At the end of the light, they have a carnival, a cute Christmas shop, and a huge fire pit for roasting marshmallows! Landon loved the bumper cars!

Me and my babies! :)

Although the basketball toss wasn't guaranteed to win a prize, Landon begged to give it a shoot.

Sweet Matty Patty takin' her shot!

My precious Bud won himself a laser! He had great aim!

There is a funny story behind this pic and the next one: The little girls behind Landon were, as he put it "buwwies" (bullies)! Poor Landon couldn't get a grip on the rope ladder because the girls kept tugging him down. He finally made it up after turning around to them and yelling "One at a time" about a hundred times.

Brandt and Maddie gave me a mild heart attack on this ride! I'm such a worry wart!

We all enjoyed roasting marshmallows!

Be sure to check back soon for Christmas Day and the rest of my visit with my family! For now, we're all watching "Problem Child 2". A classic! ha! Merry belated Christmas to all my readers!

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