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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving, better late than never!

The following is a sum up of Thanksgiving...

Both my sissies, my mommy, stepdad, & two brother's came to stay with us!

We played board games.

We cooked.

My mom made her yummy eggrolls!!! She's from the Philippines so these are not your typical Chinese eggrolls. They're actually called "lumpia". There's ground beef, carrots, celery, and a teensey weensey bit of egg all wrapped up and deep fried in a cripsy shell!

The boys played lots of video games!

They played with guns! I kid! I kid! They were very careful!

 They rode 4-wheelers but I totally forgot to take pics of them on it! Boo!

AND... we got LOTS & LOTS of family time! I am so blessed to have an extended family! There always SOMEONE you can count on!
Me & Kellen
Me & Maddie
Kellen, Me, & Maddie
Boo & I
Maddie & Preston (Perfect example of their "sibling-ship". ha!)
Preston, Kel, & Maddie
Me & Boo!
Me & the comedian, Landon!
Me, Preston, & Maddie
We did bonfires with s'mores!

And that concludes Thanksgiving, 2011! I've got to work on gettin pics with the parents! I failed to take ANY with mine or Brandt's dad! Boo!

Happy Monday!

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