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Friday, December 9, 2011

Rando Friday.

So happy that it's Friday! Christmas is getting soooo close!!! 16 MORE DAYS!!! We're about done with gifts for everyone. Just have a few more to check off the list! I always tell myself I should start shopping in January because with two extended families, we have tons of people to buy for!

I FINALLY got our Christmas cards done last night. As I was creating labels, I realized this is the first Christmas I won't be sending one to the sweetest person I've ever met. My great grandmother, Grandma Buell.
She went to be with Jesus in February. She meant the world to me. I know she's in a better place now but I'll never be able to think of her and not get emotional. It really got me thinking about family in general. So many people get so stressed out during the holiday season or any season really. Whether it be a "hear-say" disagreement, a stubborn family member, financial problems, or anything, family is a huge part of each person's support system. I personally know so many people who don't forgive their family and hold grudges against people that truly care about them. I hate to see families fall about because one person's pride got in the way. Especially during this time of the year. If you have a loved one that you are in a disagreement with, why not try being the bigger person and apologize?

Enough sap for one day! :)

Being the sweet sweet girlfriend that I am, I surprised Boo with date night one night last week!
Chipotle and a movie, "The Next Three Days". We are movie fanatics! We saw the previews for this movie a while back and Boo really wanted to see it! I knew he wouldn't remember me hearing how much he liked it from the preview. And luckily this night I saw it in Movie Stop and had a 50% coupon. You can't beat a $3.99 movie! Aren't I the best girlfriend?? I know, right! Ha

My dear little brother Landon, needs some help! He is my mom's fourth child, the baby. All of her kids up until him have always been the "shy kid" in school. We keep a small group of friends, we follow the rules, & do what the teacher expects from us. Landon, on the other hand, got a wild hair from somewhere! I have mentioned he is a comedian, but he's becoming a PG-13 comedian, if ya get my drift! So, I get this text from Maddie yesterday...
That's all I'm sayin.

I also got a precious text from my sweet mommy yesterday.
She is so talented!!! I'm so fortunate to have gotten this gene from her! She loves purple so she borrow ideas on Pinterest and created her dining room table! Those purple vases... she made those!!! The runner was a piece of scrap fabric she had left over! I love it!

Well.... I've got a load looking me in the face:
I've got to show y'all pics from the Christmas Parade! And this weekend we're headed to a huge bargain store that we've never been too and lots of Christmas parties ahead! Woo hoo! I love the holidays!

Have a great weekend!!!

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