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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeney!!!

What a wonderful weekend I had!!! Boo and I got so much cleaning done and the best part about the weekend....
Goooooooo DAWGS!! Sick EM'!!! WOOF WOOF!!
Georgia wooped some Gator tail!! I loved it!!

I made all the girls at work a special treat for Halloweeney! I am so "the craft lady" at work! haha.

Just took a few pieces of candy... wrapped them in some Halloweeney inspired tissue paper and tied them together with some orange ribbon. I also attached a cute little joke to them. Here's a close-up of one...
And the answer on the back...
Bahaha. Boo said these were the corniest jokes ever!

OH AND... I had been coughing my head off for like the past two weeks. I thought it was my asthma acting up cause' this year it has been HORRIBLE!! I've been running through inhalers like crazy! Well my inhaler was almost out so I guessed it was about time I went to the Dr. Come to find out... I had a 102temp and bronchitis so bad that I was in the early stages of pneumonia!!! I didn't even feel that bad! So.. Doc gave me a nebulizer and now before bed it looks like this in our house...

Oh yes. I know. So romantic and HOTT! Ha

We watched Bad Teacher this weekend (with Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake). It was funny. It was weird seeing Cam act so provocative and Justin act so dingy. Overall, I would recommend it but it's not one you'll want to watch over and over.

Have a great Monday!!!

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