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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Want a good deal?

I've heard a lot of rave over these "erin condren life planner's" and wasn't sure what all the hype was about over a freakin $50 calendar planner thingy. I happened to see it zulily (baby fever) one day and found out what the excitement is about. This planner is A-MAZE-ing!!! For an OCD person, it has everything!!!
There's a slot for :) And tabs. And stickies. And folders. And even a zip up pocket! 2012, I'm so ready for you!! Ha

BUT... I would never pay $50 for one. Instead... I paid $20!!!

Plum District is having a great deal by offering $25 off a $50 purchase of Erin Condren products. I got the extra $5 off because I was new to Plum District. You want this special? Here ya go!!! You can thank me later!

Show ya mine when I get it!

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