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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years Ago...

Most of this country can recall the smallest details of the moment they heard of this horrific historic event. Here's my story:

I was a freshman in High School. I had met my counselor at open house just a few weeks prior and we loved each other! Seriously, she would bend over backwards to get me in the classes I wanted. I was in Mr. Phipps coincidentally, Social Studies/Geography class. It was one of my favorite classes of the day 'cause my best friend was in it, thanks to my counselor. Our high school started a little later than most schools. First period began somewhere around 9ish. I remember Mr. Phipps being late to class. Once he got into the classroom almost 30 minutes late he gave off this cold & eerie feeling and I just knew we were doomed for a pop quiz in my worst subject! However, he walked over to the TV, & turned it on with no expression or words. I am embarrassed to say but at the time I was unfamiliar & naive to just exactly who Osama Bin Laden was, what the Twin Towers were, and where they even stood! Everyone just sat in silence for so long it seemed like. The principle came over the loud speakers and gave a brief speech on what had just occurred in our country. Most of the teacher's that day reacted the same. They didn't say much, just made sure the TV was on in every class and let us listen and learn. Around lunch time I began to feel scared because there were all these rumors about parents of students who were somehow involved (on the innocent side) and families were coming to get kids early. Other students were saying there would be many more attacks that day and it put pure fear inside me. I will never forget the feeling of knowing that so many innocent lives were taken that morning and thinking that it was not over. The faculty was disallowing students to contact their parents because of the chaos that was already occurring from families that had shown up. Cell phones weren't completely "in" then so I had no way of contacting anyone outside of school. I didn't know to the full extent of what had happened on September 11th, 2001 for a few days once teacher's were able to talk about it and news articles came up giving specific details and definitions. It is a day that I will take with me forever. I will never forget the heroes and I am more thankful than words can express for the heroes that place their lives on the line everyday for our freedom.

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