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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Singles Day

As normal, I get carried away with my "non-blog" life and I let too many things happen that should probably be documented for my memory. I'm laid up in ICU right now from a major asthma attack Friday so maybe I'll find the time to update from then to now. I don't however want to miss out on advertising my sweet baby sis who has given me persmission to put herself on display for all those southern gentlemen. Okay, so a little biased on who I wold want her to be with. But show her a good polite time and I'm sure we will be able to get along just fine.

My sister's name is Kellen. She is a beautiful & fun loving almost 19 year old. Happy Early 3 days to this fabulous lady:

 And some amazing blue eyes to top of that terrific smile!

She has this passion for The Word, Christ, and has that glow about her that shines brightly. She is by far one of the least bit judgemental person I know. If you are in an uncomfortable siuation or just need a kind smile, encouragement, or just simple advice, she is right there.

She currently at school at a smaller school in Athens, Georgia. It may not have been her first choice, but I love Athens so i'm okay with it. Right now she wants do somethin with Marine Biologist. I've seen her take a stab at 5 year old teaching when we were younger... yeah don't think that was the perfect route, a semi-profesh hairstyler traveling whereever you needed her to be... from riht there in your living room, to the back seat of the car on the go-er. Ha Yeah maybe the five to ten year old occupations stayed right where they needed to... in the vault!

One of her more recent hobbies is photographing. Any kind at that matter. She has an eye for nature but is amazing at self-photography.
I could continue but i'll leave the rest of gettin to know up to y'all!


  1. Laid up in ICU???? Hope you feel better soon!!!! Your little sis is beautiful!

  2. Hey, do your next new post and hurry!! I'm misssin you!! Post mine!! Love you sweet thaang!!!

  3. Hey! I nominated you for blog award! Check out my latest post. :)


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