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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday in Photos, Updates, & a twentieth 29th Birthday!

It's Monday! And I'm actually not sad about it! No, really! This weekend was relaxing and I accomplished so much so I was just ready to take on the week! I'm linking up with Ashlee & Savanah for Phone Photo Fun Monday to share about the weekend...

We spent most of the weekend cleaning! Like, wash all the curtains and maybe dust kind of cleanin'! I've been so busy with work and don't feel like we even got a spring that I just have neglected the hardcore cleaning around the house! I don't know how my laundry got this backed up! If you know me, you know my laundry schedule! I do a load a night! Don't ask! I have no clue how two people use so many clothing items in a day! Boo attempted to help but laundry is my thing so I think after I refolded the third item he tried at, he went back to his game on tv! ha He did however, put it all up :)
 So i was left with a clean living room!

I even took all the eyes and inserts out of the stove and washed those! So now that we have a clean house, let's see how long two people can keep it up! ha

While I was at my cleaning spree, I even rearranged the furnture, created so much more space in the living room and redecorated for FREE!

This spot in the living room is usually bare aside from my Pinterest inspired pallet frame. I borrowed a book shelf and some small decorations from other rooms and made a little nook! Love how it turned out!

 I tried a new recipe with stuff I just had on hand! All it consisted of was frozen hashbrowns, cream of chicken, cooked chicken, sour cream, and cheese. It was DE-LISH!

My addiction to Pinterest got a little more intense this weekend.... The stand on the back of this frame broke but I just couldnt see throwing it away.
Other than that, we got some much needed relaxation. We also tried out a new church yesterday. We have known a guy for a while who just gives off this glow for God's love. His inspirational, caring, and loving personality are unlike anyone I've ever met. We finally took up his offer to attend service with him. I'm so glad we did! It was a more modern day church but we loved it! College has just started back up here in town so it was full of young folks seeking the Lord which made me smile! It was a big step for Brandt and I, and we can't wait to go back!
OH, and..... today is my sweet mommy's twentieth 29th birthday! I don't even know how that works, but every since I can rememeber, she's been turning 29! ha So, even though it's weird you're only 4 years older than me now mom, I love you always and forever! Happy Birthday!
 ~Around your fifth 29th birthday maybe? :)
Mom & I
And maybe the best news of the weekend.... this sweet boy
came home from Children's Hospital! Still not 100% better, but God is good and docs are working on finding out more!
I don't know what I'd do without my little comedian! Seriously, you have not met a funnier kid!

Happy Mondeee y'all!


  1. I love the pallet idea from Pinterest. Adorable. And, that casserole looks way too yummy. Must try it. :)

  2. Clean houses rock! I need to do that so bad just haven't had the time.

  3. Feel free to come clean my house any time!! ;)

  4. Your little corner with the pallet & bookshelf is so cute! I cannot wait to get my own place so I can decorate. Pinterest has given me tons of ideas! I love weekends where you get so much done.

  5. Yea!!! I'm so happy he's home!! GOD IS GOOD! Happy Birthday to your Mom. :)


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