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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayer Requests + a little catch up...

I have several prayer requests about things that have really been weighing on my mind.

1. Aimee Copeland. I did not know this beautiful girl personally myself, however I went to school with her sister Paige. Aimee is currently in critical condition after a home-made zip line broke during her turn to take the plunge across the Talapoosa River. She initially ended up with a large gash on her leg which was treated with around two dozen staples. This unfortunate "perfect storm" as ABC news chief health and medical editor Dr. Richard Besser refers to the accident has turn into a horrific time for the Copeland family. Aimee is now fighting a very rare and dangerous desease called necrotizing fasciitis. It is a flesh eating disease that has so far taken one of Aimee's legs and will possibly take her fingers as well. My heart breaks for this family. I could not imagine how I would handle if this was my sister.
From left to right: Aimee, mother, father, Paige

Here are several links if you would like to follow along with Aimee's story:
She has been such an inspiration to the whole world on just how courageous and strong she is. I logged on to yahoo several days ago to see this on the home page...

2. Last year a friend of mine, Mary Beth lost her life due to an accident. Mary Beth had been having seizures since High School. Please help my best friend Emily donate for a great cause to help others in Mary Beth's shoes!

Mary Beth is on the far left.

My sweet sweet girlfriend Emily has the biggest heart and put together this group for Mary Beth! I know Mary Beth would have been laughing her ass off if she knew what Emily was doing in this pic! :)

Other than all that... what's been going on with me lately??

Had my first experience with this big ole' thing. And yes, it was as bad as you all said it would be! I hated being smothered. I hated wearing ear plugs. I only do that when the weather is bad so that's what they remind me of! ha The worst part of it was the noises. I could have sworn I got shot 30948230498 times in war by on of those whatchamacalit guns that shoot like dadadadadadadada. You know what I mean?! OH and I had like 5 sessions in it that would last around 5 minutes each. The guy doing it, don't get me wrong, was nice, but a little on the weird side! After each session, he would let me know through the speaker inside the tube that we were onto the next session AND he would grab my leg! I guess it was to make sure I was still okay but it freaked me out everytime!!! Still waiting on results...

Booger Bear has been absolutely soaking up this amazing weather lately!
He layed there all evening that night and watched me do my nails!
I'm tellin y'all! Y'all have got to try these Stick-ons! SO EASY!
Please excuse my toes! We had been outside!

I've been getting ready for my sister's graduation!
Seriously?!?! When did I get so freakin old?!?!
We have a LONG weekend planned coming up to watch this beautiful lady strut it across that grad stage! I know she will want me to whip out the blow horns, streamers, confetti and all get out. But I don't know if I'll even be able to pull my kleenex's out quick enough.
"Oh the places you will go, babygirl"
Can't wait to show you what all I've been working on for you...
Hint Hint

Somehow Boo and I have managed to inherit a green thumb from somewhere this year!
Don't know what kind this is...but I'll take it!!!

Brandt got some old bulbs (Is that what they're called flower people?) from a sweet little old lady he cuts grass for who thought they were too old and long gone to grow. We planted them and viola! Can't wait to see what blooms from them!

And is it just me or when you're in this situation, do you totally freak out!!!??? And I live on an old country road so if the straps break... where do I swerve???

Other than allllll that I'm getting ready for a LONG weekend in GAWGA (GA) with family! A trip to the Braves game! Kel's Graduation. And I'm sure lots of nail doing with Maddie! HA

I sent this to Brandt the other day and OMG he thought it was so amazing! HAHA

Happy Tuesday folks!

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  1. I heard about the girl with the flesh eating virus. So sad. I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers!!


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